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Attachment, connection and a search for meaning

Away from our practical grassroots activity and production of propaganda, as discussed here - Our strategy 7.11.22 - we're striving to undertake some deeper thinking about what our anarchism means and ask some searching questions about what kind of world we're striving for. It's all too easy to get bogged down in day to day … Continue reading Attachment, connection and a search for meaning

Change comes from the base

Dave - the editor These are just some of the many posts we've written about grassroots activism in its various forms and how working for change at the base in our communities is the essential foundation for any meaningful, radical change: DIY community activism:) 30.6.22 A fluffy project? Nope, not us… 23.6.22 We CAN make … Continue reading Change comes from the base

Alternative ways of subverting the system

The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill is going through it's final stages before being enacted into law and then, implemented on the streets. This will inevitably make street protests and actions considerably more fraught affairs. It will also make it tougher to occupy sites in order to protect them from the ravages of developers, … Continue reading Alternative ways of subverting the system