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Analogue methods of getting the word out

Getting the word out in Bristol city centre:) Back in March, we put up this post about pivoting back towards analogue methods of reaching out to people: Moving back towards analogue ways of getting the message across 25.3.22. In that post we featured a number of ways this could be done ranging from papers and … Continue reading Analogue methods of getting the word out

Clusterf**k time…

This piece is basically an exercise in trying to take a few steps back amidst the swirling clouds of doom, gloom, outright misinformation and propaganda to work out where we are and where we're going. Given that events are moving swiftly in not always easily discernable ways, an exercise like this is going to have … Continue reading Clusterf**k time…

Out, onwards and upwards

Dave - the editor Before we go into the reasons why we feel there's no longer a place for us within the anarchist 'movement' here in the UK, there are a few things we want to make clear to avoid needless, time consuming and energy sapping rows. Firstly, we still retain what we see as … Continue reading Out, onwards and upwards