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Attachment, connection and a search for meaning

Away from our practical grassroots activity and production of propaganda, as discussed here - Our strategy 7.11.22 - we're striving to undertake some deeper thinking about what our anarchism means and ask some searching questions about what kind of world we're striving for. It's all too easy to get bogged down in day to day … Continue reading Attachment, connection and a search for meaning

Building neighbourhood solidarity and resilience

This post was first published on our sister blog, Grassroots Alternatives. As it (briefly) addresses issues that are core to our way of seeing things, we thought it was worth re-posting it here. With all of the grassroots community projects we promote and do our level best to support, there's one key fundamental and that's … Continue reading Building neighbourhood solidarity and resilience

Rebuilding solidarity at the grassroots…

This piece was written some while ago, well back into the 'before times' in fact, but still stands up, even if it's us thinking out loud about working at the grassroots in our neighbourhoods. Some editing has been done to bring it up to date. We like to think that this is part of an … Continue reading Rebuilding solidarity at the grassroots…