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Attachment, connection and a search for meaning

Away from our practical grassroots activity and production of propaganda, as discussed here - Our strategy 7.11.22 - we're striving to undertake some deeper thinking about what our anarchism means and ask some searching questions about what kind of world we're striving for. It's all too easy to get bogged down in day to day … Continue reading Attachment, connection and a search for meaning

Reacting to change…

Dave – the editor Preamble We talk a lot about radical change and why it's needed. Sometimes, it's useful to pause and consider what we really mean by radical change. While doing that, we need to think about how most people regard change and whether they see it as a positive thing in their lives … Continue reading Reacting to change…

Does globalism have a future? (Spoiler: NO!!)

This is not an exhaustive piece...it's a snapshot in time. Trying to produce exhaustive pieces that stand the test of time in these turbulent times is a difficult task and as things stand at the moment, not something we want to spend too much time and energy on. What this short piece is intended to … Continue reading Does globalism have a future? (Spoiler: NO!!)