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There's a lot of 'green' terminology floating around the promotion of a variety of developments and initiatives. Buzz words and phrases such as 'sustainable', 'carbon neutral', 'eco-friendly' are liberally peppered around the proposals with the aim of creating a kind of feel good glow that will persuade people to lend their support to the projects … Continue reading Greenwash?

Set up to fail

Preamble This post is an attempt at pulling together a number of threads to work out why the rhetoric we're bombarded with about adjusting our lifestyles to cut down the amount of CO2 we generate contrasts starkly with a reality that actually forces us to emit more. Regardless of where you may be on the … Continue reading Set up to fail

For bus users, it can feel like every day is a strike day FFS!

A lot of people are getting exercised about the forthcoming rail workers strike which could lead to up to a week of disruption: Britain’s rail strikes: which trains will be running where and when? 15.6.22. Just a week of disruption and unless the government have plans to turn this into a re-run of the 1984-85 … Continue reading For bus users, it can feel like every day is a strike day FFS!

Are they serious?!

These are the recent posts we've written about how utterly dysfunctional our current local authority, Thurrock Council are: Not fit for purpose 2.4.22 Dysfunctional 15.3.22 Seriously, you couldn’t make this up if you tried! 12.4.22 The sorry saga of Stanford-le-Hope railway station continues… 9.4.22 How much lower can Thurrock Council sink FFS?! 9.4.22 Any resident … Continue reading Are they serious?!

Connectivity vs convenience

Dave - the editor A while ago I put up this post: 15 minute cities / neighbourhoods – a good or a bad idea? - 23.3.22. My broad conclusion was that there were a number of positives to be gained from re-configuring existing neighbourhoods to be more convenient and designing new developments to reduce reliance … Continue reading Connectivity vs convenience

Not fit for purpose

We've recently written a couple of posts laying into our local authority, Thurrock Council, for not being fit for purpose, particularly when it comes to overseeing and delivering infrastructure projects. This one - Dysfunctional 15.3.22 - started out looking at how delays in the A13 widening project have been inconveniencing local residents for what feels … Continue reading Not fit for purpose

15 minute cities / neighbourhoods – a good or a bad idea?

Dave – the editor There has been a lot written about the concept of 15 minute cities/neighbourhoods - this is just a small, random selection: :15 CITY What is a 15-minute city and how will it change how we live, work and socialise? - euronews | 17.09.21 What is a 15-minute neighbourhood? - Smart Transport … Continue reading 15 minute cities / neighbourhoods – a good or a bad idea?

Why the high rise towers?

"Townscapes are changing. The open-plan city belongs in the past – no more ramblas, no more pedestrian precincts, no more left banks and Latin quarters. We’re moving into the age of security grilles and defensible space. As for living, our surveillance cameras can do that for us. People are locking their doors and switching off … Continue reading Why the high rise towers?