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Getting s**t done vs performative acts

Dave - the editor On Friday 14th October, a couple of activists threw the contents of a tin of tomato soup over Van Gogh's Sunflowers in the National Gallery in London: Just Stop Oil activists throw soup at Van Gogh’s Sunflowers 14.10.22. Before we go any further, it should be noted that the painting was … Continue reading Getting s**t done vs performative acts

Thoughts on not falling for blatant wind ups

Image: PA Wire/PA Images via Bristol Live At the time of writing, the Tories are having their annual conference in Birmingham. Given how polarised and tense things are getting at the moment, it didn't come as any surprise that there was a protest called by The People's Assembly Against Austerity. It also didn't come as … Continue reading Thoughts on not falling for blatant wind ups

What next?

Dave - the editor Preamble Last week was a bit of a week wasn't it? Firstly we get a new prime minister in the form of one Liz Truss, selected by the membership of the Tory party, with the electorate at large not having any say in the matter. Then the Queen passes away and … Continue reading What next?

More thoughts on protest…

Dave – the editor We've been on more protests that we care to remember. Huge mass marches, smaller marches, spontaneous on the spur of the moment protests, pickets...the lot! Our experience of these spans right back to 1980. Without wanting to come over as 'know it alls', we've learnt a lot about the many aspects … Continue reading More thoughts on protest…

Looking back (in pictures)

Making our point on a lamp post in Bristol. Dave - the editor Our relocation down to near Bristol will be happening this summer. It will entail some re-thinking of how we operate politically. That means finding a niche which suits us and not treading on anyone's toes. It will also mean a bit of … Continue reading Looking back (in pictures)

Don’t Pay UK

This seems a pretty sound initiative to deal with the consequences of the cost of living crisis (just need to deal with the root causes). The post below was first published here: Don't Pay UK. A new mass non-payment campaign is about to kick off on June 18th. We’re facing a cost of living crisis … Continue reading Don’t Pay UK

Going on protests…

Dave - the editor Having been involved in various forms of activism since the late 1970s, I've been on more protests than I care to remember! Thinking back to the 1980s when I was younger and had more energy, I actually used to get pretty bloody excited about going on a demo. In the 1990s, … Continue reading Going on protests…

A few thoughts on the forthcoming TUC ‘We Demand Better’ protest

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) have called a 'We Demand Better' protest which will take place in central London on Saturday 18th June. The protest has been called in response to the cost of living crisis which is hitting a lot of us at the moment. How large it will be is anyone's guess. It … Continue reading A few thoughts on the forthcoming TUC ‘We Demand Better’ protest

Some brief thoughts on being relevant

Dave - the editor Recently, I received a few sarcastic reactions to a Stirrer post - What really matters to people… 22.4.22 - dealing with what really matters to most ordinary people. I wasn't personally offended - I've reached the point in my life where it's not worth the effort:) However, it did get me … Continue reading Some brief thoughts on being relevant

32 years ago in a very different world…

Many thanks to the Anarchist Film Group for bringing back a lot of memories:) ★ POLL TAX? RIOT! "It was totally gonna happen - there were thousands of ex-miners there with memories of what Thatcher did to their communities, every setting of the poll-tax rate in the London boroughs by scab Labour councils had ended … Continue reading 32 years ago in a very different world…

February Bulletin

While we are bringing out printed papers to hand out on protests, we're still not in a position to bring one out on a regular basis. That's down to a combination of not having the money on the one hand and on the other, there simply not being enough distribution opportunities such as stalls at … Continue reading February Bulletin

An attempt to redress the balance

You may – or may not given the level of media manipulation, bias and censorship – have heard about the ongoing protests in Canada by truck drivers and their supporters against vaccine passports and other repressive measures. If you have heard about them, the odds are that the 'reporter' or commentator are portraying these truckers … Continue reading An attempt to redress the balance

Alternative ways of subverting the system

The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill is going through it's final stages before being enacted into law and then, implemented on the streets. This will inevitably make street protests and actions considerably more fraught affairs. It will also make it tougher to occupy sites in order to protect them from the ravages of developers, … Continue reading Alternative ways of subverting the system

Dealing with reality…

Dave – the editor If you move away from the mainstream news media and seek out some credible alternative sources, it will not have escaped your attention that there has been, and continues to be, a wave of protest against the imposition of vaccine passports and the continuation of draconian Covid restrictions amongst other things. … Continue reading Dealing with reality…