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Attachment, connection and a search for meaning

Away from our practical grassroots activity and production of propaganda, as discussed here - Our strategy 7.11.22 - we're striving to undertake some deeper thinking about what our anarchism means and ask some searching questions about what kind of world we're striving for. It's all too easy to get bogged down in day to day … Continue reading Attachment, connection and a search for meaning


There's a lot of 'green' terminology floating around the promotion of a variety of developments and initiatives. Buzz words and phrases such as 'sustainable', 'carbon neutral', 'eco-friendly' are liberally peppered around the proposals with the aim of creating a kind of feel good glow that will persuade people to lend their support to the projects … Continue reading Greenwash?

A bit of a situation…

Dave - the editor Preamble Over the last few years, I've written posts covering a wide range of issues. Some were attempts at coming up with a vestige of an analysis of how we're being screwed over, others were exercises in thinking out loud. They cover the Fourth Industrial Revolution and how the Covid crisis … Continue reading A bit of a situation…

A couple of alternative readings on carbon

Below are a couple of what can best be described as 'alternative' takes on the carbon crisis. The first from Darren Allen acknowledges the role of carbon in climate change but questions the narrow focus on that while highlighting that we are heading for system collapse. Not because of global warming per se but because … Continue reading A couple of alternative readings on carbon

Set up to fail

Preamble This post is an attempt at pulling together a number of threads to work out why the rhetoric we're bombarded with about adjusting our lifestyles to cut down the amount of CO2 we generate contrasts starkly with a reality that actually forces us to emit more. Regardless of where you may be on the … Continue reading Set up to fail

Why it has to be no go for Bristol Airport expansion

The campaign by Bristol Airport Action Network (BAAN) to stop the environmentally damaging expansion of Bristol Airport continues with a significant High Court hearing challenging the decision by the Planning Inspectorate made in February 2022 to support Bristol Airport’s appeal against a refusal of planning permission. In 2018, Bristol Airport submitted plans to expand from … Continue reading Why it has to be no go for Bristol Airport expansion

Meanwhile in other news…

While the mainstream media in the UK is obsessed with the travails of the Tory party and government as they start the process of picking a new leader, across the water in mainland Europe, things have been getting a bit 'tasty'. There's a farmers revolt going on in response to a range of issues from … Continue reading Meanwhile in other news…

Greenwash bullshit from Highways England

Highways England who are doing their utmost to push through the Lower Thames Crossing have announced a target of planting up to one million trees in a bid (a futile one in our opinion) to offset the environmental damage that will be caused by this scheme: 'Greenwash' blast at National Highways over Thames Crossing trees … Continue reading Greenwash bullshit from Highways England