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Southend on Zine – a review

Dave – the editor Southend on Zine Graham Burnett Published by: Pritty Toons Press Available from here: As the title suggests, the book documents fifty years of Southend's underground and alternative press. Actually, it does a lot more than that – it documents the counter culture in and around Southend-on-Sea over the last half … Continue reading Southend on Zine – a review

Lockdown Diaries of the Working Class

For details of how to buy this book, go here: The Working Class Collective March 2020 will be a month to remember for a long time to come. It was the month that the country was put into lockddown in a bid to contain Covid. During the early weeks of lockdown when none of us … Continue reading Lockdown Diaries of the Working Class

Too much tech?

In an ideal world, technology was supposed to make our lives easier, taking care of the drudge while we got on with the important things in life. Just one of the things it was supposed to do was help us communicate more effectively with each other. Instead it has replaced meaningful face to face interactions … Continue reading Too much tech?

A couple of books for you…

It's not often we plug books we haven't even read! These look like they will be interesting and useful - once we've read them, we'll post up reviews:) Strategies for Ecological Revolution from Below by Peter Gelderloos Are alternative energies and Green New Deals enough to deliver environmental justice? Peter Gelderloos argues that international governmental … Continue reading A couple of books for you…