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Attachment, connection and a search for meaning

Away from our practical grassroots activity and production of propaganda, as discussed here - Our strategy 7.11.22 - we're striving to undertake some deeper thinking about what our anarchism means and ask some searching questions about what kind of world we're striving for. It's all too easy to get bogged down in day to day … Continue reading Attachment, connection and a search for meaning

Our blogs…how they work

Regular followers of our various blogs will be aware that back in the summer, we re-located from Thurrock in the south of Essex, down to Keynsham which is located between Bristol and Bath. You may (or may not) be pleased to know that we've settled in pretty well in our new surroundings. When it comes … Continue reading Our blogs…how they work

A bit of a situation…

Dave - the editor Preamble Over the last few years, I've written posts covering a wide range of issues. Some were attempts at coming up with a vestige of an analysis of how we're being screwed over, others were exercises in thinking out loud. They cover the Fourth Industrial Revolution and how the Covid crisis … Continue reading A bit of a situation…

In the interests of openness…

This post is based on a recent strategy review. In the interests of openness and letting people know where we're coming from and what to expect from us, we're posting this up. Obviously, there are some bits of the review that do have to remain private for reasons of diplomacy and also, security. We hope … Continue reading In the interests of openness…

Where the f**k do we go from here?

Dave - the editor Preamble Trust me when I say I'd rather not feel compelled to be writing this piece. That's because in parts, it says what I've already said before about our relationship with the anarchist movement here in the UK. However, recent events mean that yet again, we need to explain why we … Continue reading Where the f**k do we go from here?

Double standards?

Dave - the editor The Anarchist Bookfair in London took place on Saturday 17.9. It came at the end of a week of activity put on by Antiuniversity Now. We've heard a few reports on how the event went from people we know and have read a fair bit more about it on various social … Continue reading Double standards?

Is identity politics on its way out?

Dave - the editor Martin Lux a.k.a. The Whitechapel Anarchist voices his opinion on the (possible) demise of identity politics in this podcast: THE DEMISE OF IDENTITY POLITICS? 4.6.22. The aim of this piece is to discuss whether Martin's analysis has legs and that eventually, we will see the end of the forms of identity … Continue reading Is identity politics on its way out?

More thoughts on protest…

Dave – the editor We've been on more protests that we care to remember. Huge mass marches, smaller marches, spontaneous on the spur of the moment protests, pickets...the lot! Our experience of these spans right back to 1980. Without wanting to come over as 'know it alls', we've learnt a lot about the many aspects … Continue reading More thoughts on protest…

Reacting to change…

Dave – the editor Preamble We talk a lot about radical change and why it's needed. Sometimes, it's useful to pause and consider what we really mean by radical change. While doing that, we need to think about how most people regard change and whether they see it as a positive thing in their lives … Continue reading Reacting to change…

Change comes from the base

Dave - the editor These are just some of the many posts we've written about grassroots activism in its various forms and how working for change at the base in our communities is the essential foundation for any meaningful, radical change: DIY community activism:) 30.6.22 A fluffy project? Nope, not us… 23.6.22 We CAN make … Continue reading Change comes from the base

Looking back (in pictures)

Making our point on a lamp post in Bristol. Dave - the editor Our relocation down to near Bristol will be happening this summer. It will entail some re-thinking of how we operate politically. That means finding a niche which suits us and not treading on anyone's toes. It will also mean a bit of … Continue reading Looking back (in pictures)

The elephant in the room – voter turnout

It seems that with every election, whether that's a normal run of the mill one or a by-election, there's always a lot of comment from the pundits about what the outcome means for politics. However, there's one aspect of elections that rarely gets the comment it merits and that's the turnout. The Wakefield by-election turnout … Continue reading The elephant in the room – voter turnout

Going on protests…

Dave - the editor Having been involved in various forms of activism since the late 1970s, I've been on more protests than I care to remember! Thinking back to the 1980s when I was younger and had more energy, I actually used to get pretty bloody excited about going on a demo. In the 1990s, … Continue reading Going on protests…

A few thoughts on the forthcoming TUC ‘We Demand Better’ protest

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) have called a 'We Demand Better' protest which will take place in central London on Saturday 18th June. The protest has been called in response to the cost of living crisis which is hitting a lot of us at the moment. How large it will be is anyone's guess. It … Continue reading A few thoughts on the forthcoming TUC ‘We Demand Better’ protest

Thoughts that really shouldn’t be published, but…

Dave - the editor PREAMBLE The last five years spent on and then outside of the margins of the anarchist movement here in the UK have been an 'interesting' experience to say the least. Matters have reached a point over the last eighteen months where we felt we really couldn't stay silent any more, so … Continue reading Thoughts that really shouldn’t be published, but…

Building neighbourhood solidarity and resilience

This post was first published on our sister blog, Grassroots Alternatives. As it (briefly) addresses issues that are core to our way of seeing things, we thought it was worth re-posting it here. With all of the grassroots community projects we promote and do our level best to support, there's one key fundamental and that's … Continue reading Building neighbourhood solidarity and resilience

If we’re going to commit political ‘suicide’, let’s do the job properly!

Below are two very sound readings. Each in their own way tell it like it is. Neither of them take any prisoners. We can imagine a number of our now former comrades not taking too kindly to them. It wouldn't surprise us if a few more people add themselves to the list of our former … Continue reading If we’re going to commit political ‘suicide’, let’s do the job properly!

Finding each other and getting stuff done

The local elections have been and gone along with the post-mortems and analysis. Apart from a few notable exceptions, most of it glossed over the turnout which was unsurprisingly low. These were our thoughts (plus those of other comrades) on the aftermath of the elections: ‘None Of The Above’ sweep the board yet again 6.5.22. … Continue reading Finding each other and getting stuff done

‘None Of The Above’ sweep the board yet again

Our previous post - A few thoughts on voting in local elections - argued that one of the reasons for low and declining turnouts at local elections was the feeling among a number of voters that it's the unelected, unaccountable senior officers who hold the real power behind the scenes. As these officers can't be … Continue reading ‘None Of The Above’ sweep the board yet again

Analogue methods of getting the word out

Getting the word out in Bristol city centre:) Back in March, we put up this post about pivoting back towards analogue methods of reaching out to people: Moving back towards analogue ways of getting the message across 25.3.22. In that post we featured a number of ways this could be done ranging from papers and … Continue reading Analogue methods of getting the word out