The Stirrer

While we like to think we still adhere to anarchist principles, over the years, a number of differences have seen us moved beyond the margins of the movement. The truth is that we’re politically homeless. So be it – at least we have the freedom to think freely and ask difficult questions without being hauled over the coals!

What gets posted up on The Stirrer blog ranges from our thoughts on the fourth industrial revolution and the ongoing geopolitical clusterf**k we’re experiencing through to political activism, community activism, the failures of local government, planning and much more…

We’re not everyone’s cup of tea and understand that people will disagree with us. That’s fine. We encourage healthy, open discussion. On the other hand, we hate cancel culture. Despite differences, if an issue is important enough, we’re willing to put them to one side to work with other groups. It’s not all or nothing with us:)

The Avon Heckler

Fed up residents who want to hold councils in the Avon region to account and get people stirred up enough to start fighting back against bluster, bullshit and incompetence. The same applies to public transport operators, utility companies, housing providers and the like… It’s calling truth to power but hopefully keeping you entertained as well as getting inspired to take action:) Content note – we do swear a bit! Putting up with the shite we get from those who presume to rule us and ‘provide’ us with services is enough to make a saint get sweary…

In the interests of transparency, before we moved down to the West Country, we lived in the south of Essex and this is the blog we used to run: The Thurrock and Basildon Heckler.

Grassroots Alternatives

It’s easy to know what you’re against in a dysfunctional, unsustainable and increasingly dystopian world. Railing against the world we have to endure may make you feel better but…does it lead to positive change? We know that the political, economic and social system we inhabit is rapidly heading towards its use by date and that we have to bring about radical change if we’re going to survive. There are many ways of bringing about the change that’s needed. What this project is about is what can be done in the here and now to boost sustainability, community cohesion and neighbourhood resilience in an increasingly volatile world. It’s about building the new world we need and want in the decaying shell of the old one we currently endure.

E-mail: stirfrombelow@protonmail.com