All our posts on planning, transport and movement

I thought it would be useful to compile a listing of everything I’ve written on planning, transport and movement. This takes in everything from the controversies over 15 minute cities, Clean Air Zones (CAZs) and Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) through to the dire state of public transport in the region and the fight to stop the expansion of Bristol Airport.

The listings are laid out below this introduction. There are rather a lot of them! You could say that I’m possibly a bit obsessed with the issue of how we move around and the constraints that are put on that.

The reason I’m obsessed is that I’m a non-driver. So I have a liking for the kind of neighbourhoods where a lot of life’s amenities are within a fifteen minute walk. However, as an instinctive anti-authoritarian with a Luddite streak, I also hate top down solutions to issues such as traffic congestion which involve a lot of intrusive surveillance technology.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, that puts me in what can best be described as a bit of a ‘third position’. One situated at a tangent from those who on the one hand, are advocating for 15 minute cities, CAZs, LTNs and the like, and on the other, those who oppose them from a libertarian perspective.

Most of the posts below are me working out what my position is on the issues involved with the implementation/imposition of 15 minute cities, CAZs and LTNs. Sorry about the pun but let’s just say, it’s been a bit of a journey. One that has seen me accused of being a ‘conspiracy theorist’. That’s the inevitable price you pay these days for trying to think originally.

There are other posts on the dire state of public transport. Something that as a non-driver, I have decades of experience of. Experience that over the last ten months since we relocated to the Avon region from Essex has turned into a massive learning curve of just how bad it can get!

There are a few posts on the battle to stop the expansion of the capacity of Bristol Airport. An airport that’s in the arse end of nowhere and can really only be reached by car. Any expansion of the capacity of the airport will put more traffic on the roads. This is when we’ve been told that in order to meet net zero carbon targets, car use in the Bristol region has to be halved by 2030!

To conclude this introduction, this post will inevitably date as more fuckwittery from those who presume to rule over us obliges me to write yet another diatribe at their idiocy, short sightedness and hypocrisy. To that end, I’m seriously considering making this listing available as a page on this blog.

Dave – the editor

Planning, movement and constraints on movement

Questions… 14.5.23

Will it work or will it cause more problems? 5.5.23

One the one hand…then on the other… 27.4.23

A war on movement? 22.4.23

Fifteen minute cities – the debate continues… 19.4.23

Piecemeal ‘solutions’? 14.4.23

An impossible target? 23.3.23

A war on non drivers… 26.2.23

A new concept? 22.2.23

The future of movement on a finite planet 20.2.23

Tinkering around the edges 2.2.23

Where we stand on 15 minute neighbourhoods 10.1.23

Basics… 5.1.23

Moving a problem, not solving it 31.12.22

More thoughts on fifteen minute neighbourhoods… 28.12.23

15 minute neighbourhoods revisited 6.12.23

Set up to fail 24.10.22

Connectivity vs convenience 15.4.23

15 minute cities / neighbourhoods – a good or a bad idea? 23.3.22

Public transport

Going backwards:( 7.3.23

Real life consequences of bus cuts… 12.2.23

The prospect of being stranded:( 3.7.22

For bus users, it can feel like every day is a strike day FFS! 16.6.22

The sorry saga of Stanford-le-Hope railway station continues… 9.2.22

Bristol Airport expansion

Make it make sense FFS! 21.5.23

When an issue picks you… 5.2.23

The system is rigged… 1.2.23

Why it has to be no go for Bristol Airport expansion 20.10.22

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