A genuine offer:)

This is our previous post: The Grassroots Alternatives blog has been archived 18.5.23. The reasons for archiving the blog are explained in this post. The Grassroots Alternatives blog will for the foreseeable future, not be updated in any form and will exist solely as an archive.

Work to transfer some of the content from the Grassroots Alternatives blog is underway. This includes links to PDFs of all of the papers we produced as Grassroots Alternatives and Alternative Estuary, plus a number of memes and posters. What hasn’t been transferred over is The Directory. This was a page listing a range of grassroots projects, resources and campaigns across the Avon region. It also featured a number of more generic listings.

This is what we had to say about The Directory and why we deleted it in our previous post:

Given the close association of Grassroots Alternatives to The Stirrer, there’s probably a chance that some of the projects and groups we had listed would not be happy with our linking to them. To avoid any friction, we thought the best and fairest course of action was to completely delete The Directory.

The Stirrer gained it’s ‘reputation’ because of our desire to tell it like it is rather than indulge in tribalism for the sake of having a few mates. We made our bed so we have to lie in it. One of the consequences of that was having to abandon the Grassroots Alternatives project.

However, it has to be noted that a lot of work went into The Directory. We don’t want to see that work go to waste. We think it would be useful to have a comprehensive list of the grassroots groups, resources and campaigns that exist in the Avon region. We would love to see someone step up to the plate, take what we’ve done with The Directory as a starting point and build on that. It would have to be someone with a LOT less political baggage than we have!

The latest and last edition of The Directory can be downloaded from here.

See what you think and if you’re interested in taking it on, feel free to get in touch. This is our e-mail – stirfrombelow@protonmail.com We still have the original text files for the listings which, if you’re genuinely interested, we’ll be happy to pass on.

What anyone taking on The Directory does with it is entirely down to them. We will not be seeking in any way to influence the direction it goes in. All we want to do is facilitate, in good faith, anyone interested in taking it over.

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