A timely reminder of basic principles

In light of the continuing trend of some anarchists to unwittingly act as cheerleaders for war, we feel that it’s timely to publish this excerpt from Aims and Principles of Union of Anarchist Groups, 1945.

Opposition to War and Nationalism

We oppose all national frontiers as obstacles to the natural aspirations of the workers. Against nationalism and imperialism, we call upon the workers to demonstrate their solidarity with each other by destroying the artificial barriers which enable the ruling classes to exploit their traditional method of divide-and-rule.

We oppose war as the outcome of the clashing interests of rival imperialisms. Since empires exist only to serve the interests of the ruling classes, wars undertaken for their extension or defence have nothing in common with the interests of the workers. The rivalries between the national sections of the ruling class should be utilised by the workers to their own advantage, by prosecuting the class struggle more vigorously instead of allowing themselves to be forced to shed their blood in the interests of their masters. Nationalist sentiment intensified by war is the most effective means employed by the ruling class to deceive the workers and conceal the underlying class struggle.

One comment

  1. We are already in the midst of World War III & humankind is on the losing side & is likely to be completely wiped out because of its arrogance. Planet Earth will win & thrive without humankind.


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