Fair comment:)

Someone with a sense of humour but also wishing to make a point has mown a giant phallus into the vast grass lawn below the Royal Crescent in Bath. An acreage of grass that is set to be a location for those who may wish to celebrate the coronation of Charles III. Although given the way the rain is pissing down outside, the weather may have the final say as to whether the celebrations on what will be a very damp patch of grass actually go ahead. For the record, this is one of the few days when we’re pretty relaxed about it raining:)

There’s some mystery as to whether the mowing of the giant phallus just a few days before the coronation is a comment on the event: Mystery surrounds ’30 foot’ phallus mown into Bath’s Royal Crescent days before coronation 4.5.23. It would be nice to think that’s the case. On the other hand, it may just be a dig at the snobbery displayed by a number of the more affluent and established residents of Bath. Then again, it could be ‘art’. The ‘art’ being that is has sparked a bit of a conversation…

From a quick scan of social media, the vast majority of people appreciate the joke and as you can imagine, there has been some ribald comment:) Which signals that there’s a turn in the national mood away from deference towards piss taking. Anyway, whoever was responsible for mowing this giant phallus, you, madam or sir, are a legend!

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