Reports from the resistance:)

On Saturday 25 March, Real Left hosted a conference in London – ‘The Left Case Against the World Economic Forum’. Below are extracts from and links to readings written by three of the many people who attended the event. Hopefully, this event will be a milestone in building the resistance to what’s being done to us with the imposition of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a pet project of the World Economic Forum.

I realise that I’m probably not doing myself any favours in promoting these readings. So be it. What’s at stake is too important to worry about a few snide comments and some verbal abuse. Most of the political damage that results from my maverick take on things has probably happened so, there’s little left to lose by carrying on doing what I can to help point the finger at the power structures screwing us over and wrecking our lives.

Another Right-wing Conspiracy Theory; or, How the Left Was Won Over – Simon Elmer | Real Left | 11.4.23

I’ll start with a question. Why is it that in the UK, which initially implemented the regulations and programmes of biosecurity under the most right-wing Government in living memory — a cabinet of crooks led by the serial liar, Boris Johnson — the accusation made against anyone who questions the official justifications for our unquestioning obedience to its decrees continues to be that you are a ‘Right-wing conspiracy theorist’? Previously, when a Western government and its media wanted to dismiss or delegitimise criticism of its actions, it did so by calling those who questioned its authority ‘Loony Lefties’ (in the UK) or ‘Commies’ (in the USA).

The WEF are life-hating liars – Paul Cudenec | Truth Talk | 4.4.23

The ecological case against the WEF is, for me, simply that this organisation represents everything that real ecologists oppose.

Its apparent interest in the environment exists solely in the realm of what it likes to call its “narrative” – its boss Klaus Schwab even published a book last year entitled The Great Narrative.

The real meaning of this term, in plain English, is lies. Whopping great lies. The WEF and their friends in what is sometimes called the Global Public Private Partnership know that we don’t want what they have in store for us, so they need to lie to us about what they are doing, and why they are doing it, so as to fool us into going along with it all.

Their general aim, across the whole spectrum of their current agenda – under all its various names – is to push us through into a new phase of central capitalist control with the active support of the Left. This is why this conference is so important. We have to break that support.

The New Normal Left – CJ Hopkins | Consent Factory, Inc. | 3.4.23

So, I went to London to speak to the Left … no, not “the Left” you’re probably thinking of. Not the mask-wearing, Ukrainian-flag-flying Left. Not the pronoun-using, segregationist Left. Not the WEF, WHO, FBI, CIA, DHS, and MI6-loving Left. Not the global-capitalist New Normal Left. The other Left. The old-school Left. The “Covid-denying, conspiracy-theorizing, Putin-loving, far-right-extremist” Left.

There were approximately 150 of us, and we gathered in a “homophobic church” in Islington. Yes, Islington, which is more or less the British headquarters of the New Normal Left. We did not care. “Let them come for us,” we said. They didn’t. It was a Saturday. They were probably out shopping or hunting down imaginary anti-Semites. So, we went ahead and did our thing.

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