Is this really the future we want?

Below are four readings, each of which in their own way look at the dystopia we’re already in and which will intensify if we don’t fight back. They cover an ‘experimental’ roll out of ‘smart surveillance’ at Willesden Green tube station, our relationship with AI generated humans, the overload of information we’re all bombarded with every day and last but by no means least, what Central Bank Digital Currency will really mean for our lives.

It’s all very well talking about a coming dystopia, the point is that when you look around at the world as it currently is, we’re already there. Not only is this not the future we want, it’s not the present we want. Fighting back against it by any means necessary is not a project for the future, it’s something we have to start pretty much immediately. The problem is that all of the shite discussed in the pieces linked to below is introduced incrementally and all too often, presented as something that’s for ‘our benefit’.

It’s an insidious ramping up of the agenda of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. An agenda that’s being imposed on a populace who all too often, are too busy, stressed and distracted to take the time out to see what’s being done to us. Stressed out not just by struggling to get by in a failing system, but also through being bombarded with ‘information’ and distractions seemingly designed to stop us seeing the bigger picture.

Before we get stuck into the battle, all of us need to take a step back from all of the distractions we’re being bombarded with and take a bit of time out to think about the future we really want. Everyone will have their own way of doing this but a commonality has to be getting away from the screen. That means if you’re going for a walk in the park or out in the country, switching the phone off! Once we have an idea of what we do want, it’s easier to focus on how to fight back against what we don’t want. We have everything to play for but also, everything to lose. This will be the fight of our lives…

Exposed: London’s secretive “smart stations” roll-out – Winter Oak | 13.3.23

We have got hold of a very interesting document from Transport for London on the current testing of smart surveillance at Willesden Green tube station, which is due to continue until March 31, 2023.

If this project were really about “providing the best possible service” to passengers on the British capital’s underground railway network, as claimed, then you would think that it would be loudly and proudly announced and discussed, with information widely available in a democratic public consultation.

But the fact that the document, entitled “Smart Station Proof Concept”, is marked “restricted” for internal TfL use reveals the secrecy being deployed to sneak through this new stage of the incremental theft of our freedom.

Perceptions of what we think we see – Katrina Wicks | Truth Talk | 13.3.23

AI generated ‘humans’ are becoming part of our everyday experiences with screens and ‘entertainment’, whether we are aware of their presence or not. So, within that, our perceptions and expectations of ourselves are affected, as with all the previous shifts in the commercial industries. Film, TV, fashion, music, news, politics, finance etc. All the areas that are used to have a system and standard for you to be conditioned to and to become part of. People learn an awful lot from faces, I think maybe that is overlooked sometimes. Not by those who know, it is very much thought about.

An overload – Katrina Wicks | Truth Talk | 9.3.23

It seems there has been an overload. Of information and circumstances and frankly it appears that people are becoming overwhelmed. It’s not by accident, and serves a purpose. While people are taking proverbial punches left right and centre, it’s very difficult to view the bigger picture, or to even know which way is up.

Central Bank Digital Currency Is the Endgame – Part 1 – Iain Davis | OffGuardian | 7.3.23

CBDC will enable genuinely unprecedented levels of surveillance, as every transaction we make will be monitored and controlled. Not just the products, goods and services we buy, even the transactions we make with each other will be overseen by the central bankers of the global governance state. Data gathering will expand to encompass every aspect of our lives.

This will allow central planners to engineer society precisely as the bankers wish. CBDC can and will be linked to our Digital IDs and, through our CBDC “wallets,” tied to our individual carbon credit accounts and jab certificates. CBDC will limit our freedom to roam and enable our programmers to adjust our behaviour if we stray from our designated Technate function.

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