A couple of readings about the grim future we face

Dave – the editor

Below are links to a couple of thought provoking readings on where we are with gender ideology and how it has become inextricably linked with the dystopian project of transhumanism.

Before anyone comments, I’m fully aware that the article by Jennifer Bilek has been published on a conservative platform. When left and liberal leaning publications pretty much refuse to publish anything criticising gender identity politics and its association with transhumanism, this is what happens. Namely that right leaning publications will be only too happy to fill the political vacuum that’s been created. Having said this, after the weirdness of the last few years, the left vs right political divide has less relevance for those of us who choose to engage in some critical thinking.

Given the flak I’ve been taking for my position on gender identity politics ever since the ill fated London Anarchist Bookfair in October 2017, I could easily choose to have a quiet life and walk away from this shitshow. However, when you read the piece by Jennifer Bilek, you’ll hopefully realise why I can’t choose that path. It’s simply because as a consequence of the transhumanist project, the future of what it means to be human is on the line.

Being the wrong side of sixty five, I’ve only got a few decades left on the clock. As I have two grandchildren, it would be criminally negligent of me to opt for a quiet life. So, I’m doing what I can along with a growing number of others to defeat the dystopian transhumanist agenda, once and for all. I’ve said this before and make no apology for saying it again… This song from my childhood in the late 1960s – In the Year 2525 – was only meant to be a warning, it wasn’t supposed to be the f**king manual! The one thing we will say about the lyrics is that the relaxed timeline of their predictions is getting telescoped into a much shorter period. That in and of itself is frightening.

As I’ve now exited the anarchist movement, publishing this carries no further cost as far as I’m concerned. As ever, comradely debate is welcome. However, if all you can do is make snarky comments or hurl abuse, don’t bother…

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Who or What Is to Blame for Gender Ideology? – Eva Kurilova | Substack | 2.3.23

Put more simply, postmodernism denies objectivity and prefers a subjective and self-referential perspective. As a movement, it favors moral relativism and destabilizes language and meaning through deconstruction, yet paradoxically elevates language to a god-like status in the creation of reality. This is evident in the phrase “trans women are women,” which requires both the deconstruction of the word “woman” and a belief that words hold the power to create reality.

Humanity for Sale – Jennifer Bilek | the American Mind | 3.2.23

When sex is abolished as a meaningful category, so is humanity as we know it. This is the point of the burgeoning gender industry. Beyond profiteering—of which there is plenty, with newly constructed identities requiring a lifetime of medical attention and technologically assisted reproduction once child patients are sterilized—it grooms the public. It assesses their acceptance of biomedical intrusions that change how we see ourselves. Will people accept the abuse of children’s sex if they believe it’s in good faith? How far can we go with our techno-medical intrusions into humans and the attack on women’s humanity as wholly sexed beings different from men?

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