Something will have to give

In this piece posted up towards the end of last year – Looking ahead to 2023 12.12.22 – we stated we’re not into predicting events because that’s a mug’s game. However, we did our best to highlight the underlying trends we should be alert to during the course of 2023. Since putting up that post, it’s becoming clearer that the rising tide of Covid ‘vaccine’ related injuries is starting to seep into mainstream media coverage. To say that this is creating a number of tensions and pressure points is a bit of an understatement. This is a trend we do need to be paying attention to. We’ll take a brief look at this with some thoughts on how things may unfold during the course of 2023.

Before we go any further, regular readers of this blog will be aware that we’ve always highlighted how Covid was leveraged to serve a number of agendas. One agenda was using the measures implemented to ‘deal’ with the situation as a means to accelerate the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). The track and trace systems, the ‘vaccine’ passports, increasing reliance on online communications to name but a few are all part of the mission of the 4IR to digitise and ultimately control as many aspects of our lives as possible. It has also been argued by a number of commentators that Covid was leveraged to forestall a global financial crisis: COVID-19: A Global Financial Operation – Michael Bryant | OffGuardian | 2.1.23. Suffice to say, there are some very powerful players who have massive stakes in the way Covid was leveraged to implement agendas that would serve their interests while screwing the rest of us.

To get people to go along with the measures being implemented in early 2020 to ‘deal’ with Covid, a lot of effort went into building a narrative and creating a climate of fear that would ensure widespread compliance. For the first few weeks, while it was still far from clear what Covid was and how much of a threat it actually posed, we went along with the restrictions that were imposed upon us. It was after a few weeks when we noticed a number of situations where things didn’t seem to add up that we started to ask questions about the narrative that was being relentlessly pumped out via pretty much every media outlet. By the summer of 2020, we were pretty much full on Covid sceptics. That was a stance that came with a price, one being the ire directed at us by now former anarchist comrades for not dutifully following ‘The Science’. We could spend a lot of time debunking the myth of ‘The Science’ but, others have done a far better job than we could so we’ll leave you with this: Science! Blessed Be Thy Name! – Jordan Henderson | Nevermore Media | 16.1.23.

Things aren’t going the way the powerful players with massive stakes in the leveraging of Covid want them to go. With the number of famous people dying ‘suddenly’ or ‘after a short illness’ becoming a seemingly relentless presence in the news, a growing number of people are starting to ask questions about what’s actually happening. Questions that the aforementioned powerful players don’t want mere plebs like us asking. The issue of ‘vaccine’ injuries was raised in Parliament by the Tory MP, Andrew Bridgen and suspension from his party is the price he’s had to pay for this: Andrew Bridgen: MP says he is saddened by Tory party suspension. The vitriolic response to him by his fellow Tories, let alone others, speaks volumes about a cabal that can see the possibility of the role they’ve played in pushing an experimental medical intervention being highlighted. ‘Vaccines’ has quotation marks around it because what has been administered to millions of people are mRNA shots which are still effectively, an experimental technology. mRNA shots is the term we’ll be using going forwards…

The issue of what the mRNA shots are actually doing to people is slowly making its way into the mainstream media. There’s only so much sweeping dirt under the carpet that can be done before the realisation dawns that there’s no room left under the carpet. What will happen is a co-ordinated walk back from the virulently pro-‘vaccine’ positions that were once being rammed down our throats. Whether that walk back will stem the rising tide of concern and growing anger at the consequences of the experimental mRNA jabs remains to be seen. An indication of a more fundamental shift in positioning in a desperate bid to stem off the tide of anger is the seemingly low key efforts being made to persuade people to get ‘their boosters’. This time last year, the pressure to get the ‘boosters’ felt relentless – now it’s barely discernible. This is really odd when you consider that the NHS is in a state of meltdown at the moment. We’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions on the implications of that…

In various ways, the truth about the mRNA shots and the broader narrative that we were fed about Covid is emerging. It’s got to the point where it’s almost impossible for the authorities to stop it emerging. This explains the vitriol that Andrew Bridgen has received. Those in power hurling abuse at Bridgen and doing what they can to blacken his name are not coming from a position of strength. If they were in a position of strength, they’d be able to ride out the stories that are emerging. Hurling abuse and blackening people’s names is a sign of desperation and panic. When the full truth comes out, the level of anger could well pose a threat to societal stability. Hence the panic and the frenzied attempts to try and stay in control of the narrative.

Some people, groups and organisations are attempting a controlled walk back. Others appear to be suffering from particularly bad cases of amnesia as they’re talking about a wide range of issues while having absolutely nothing to say about their pushing of the Covid narrative, the lockdown restrictions and the exhortations to ‘get the vaccine’. To be honest and also to be fair, in a fair few cases, that may well be down to the fact they realise they’ve painted themselves into a corner and are trying to work out how the f**k to get out of that corner. Then there will be those who will be doubling down and ramping up their support for the re-introduction of restrictions, masking and pushing people to ‘get their boosters’. Some will be doing that out of genuine belief. Others will be doing it because it’s simply too painful to admit that they have spent the last three years getting it wrong.

There are those who at the start of 2020 were supporting the restrictions, the lockdowns, the masking and the quest for a ‘vaccine’ who have now realised they got it wrong and have adopted a sceptical position. Fair play to them because it is tough to publicly admit that you’ve made a mistake and, after some considerable thought, have reached an entirely different position. For a complex range of reasons, not everyone has the capacity to admit to making a mistake and to then publicly apologise for it. That explains the amnesia exhibited by some and the frenzied doubling down by others. Taking a few steps back, we can see that as the truth increasingly comes out, it is going to seriously screw people’s heads to admit to the consequences of their rhetoric. It will cause a lot of people some pretty serious mental trauma.

Which is why although it may be tempting to respond with a ‘we f**king well told you so!’, it would be the wrong approach. If people are changing their stance to become allies, they should be welcomed. Trust me, the bastards who have the most to gain from the way they leveraged Covid for their own nefarious ends will never give up so, as a consequence, we can’t afford to be picky. In the fight ahead, we need pretty much everyone on board. However, what we don’t need on board are those using the ‘pure blood’ rhetoric, claiming they ‘did their own research’ and saying that everyone else deserved their fate. Those spouting this divisive crap need to be given very short shrift because they’re damaging our cause. History is on our side and we need to conduct ourselves accordingly…

To conclude, we’ve no idea how all of this will eventually play out. Suffice to say, those powerful players with massive stakes in leveraging Covid to implement their agendas will be using every trick in the book to keep things going in the way they want. They have way too much to lose if they fail. Desperate people will do desperate things and they’ll have no hesitation in fighting dirty if that’s the only way forwards for them. While it’s difficult to make accurate predictions, suffice to say, things are going to get very messy. Buckle up, it’s going to be an ‘interesting’ ride!

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