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Sharp eyed readers of this blog will have noticed a change to the strap line on our masthead. We’ve removed any mention of anarchism. We’re now malcontents. Or mavericks… It doesn’t really matter to be honest as in these weird and increasingly dystopian times, we find having a label is a hindrance in that it leads to being tied into group think and a certain kind of conformity.

The times we’re in demand freedom of thought. They certainly demand thinking outside the box and above all, asking difficult questions. That’s what we’re trying to achieve with The Stirrer. Yes, it’s an approach that definitely ruffles feathers and had lost us a few friends. Although, it has to be asked what kind of ‘friends’ were they really if they couldn’t handle a disagreement over an issue.

In the spirit of being mavericks, we want to introduce our readers to readings that defy group think and prompt people to ask some difficult and searching questions. We’ve been doing that for some time on a variety of themes from the Fourth Industrial Revolution through to the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. This latest post is a continuation of that, albeit with a bit of an escalation. You have been warned…

Right or Wrong, I am Sticking with What I Believe – Todd Hayen | OffGuardian | 14.1.23

What is it with this oddly stoic response from the “sheep side” of this debate? I am hearing more and more sentiments such as: “I don’t care if you are right, I am sticking with my stance.” What is that all about?

Like a captain of a ship, defeated in battle, ship sinking, standing at the bridge, sword drawn, “damn you bastards! I am going down with my ship!” And sure enough he does. Shark food.

Everyone is a sore loser these days.

The Mother of All Limited Hangouts – Consent Factory, Inc. | 11.1.23

That is the story. How that happened. Why that happened. And who or what made it happen. It isn’t a story about a virus, or our governments’ reactions to a virus. It is the story of the radical restructuring of society based on lies and official propaganda, executed, globally, through sheer brute force and systematic psychological conditioning. It is the story of the implementation of our new totalitarian global-capitalist “reality” … the “New Normal” that was announced in the Spring of 2020. It is not a story the global-capitalist ruling classes can permit to be told, except by “crazy conspiracy theorists,” “science deniers,” and other “crackpots” and “extremists.”

Enemies of the people: dictating the future – Paul Cudenec | Winter Oak | 27.12.22

The last three gruelling years have forced many of us to look a lot harder at who exactly is pulling the strings in this increasingly unpleasant world.

One name that has cropped up time and time again in my own research (see here and here for instance) is that of the Rothschilds.

Having taking a closer look at their history and activities, I realised I had to share my findings with others and so I wrote an in-depth article which is now available here as a 100-page pdf booklet.

There is something of a taboo around criticising this powerful ultra-rich family and those who do so tend to find themselves labelled “anti-semitic”.

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