Readings on why we are where we are

Regular readers of this blog will have noted that we’ve made a fair few attempts to try and work out where we are in the dystopian clusterf**k that we’re experiencing. Suffice to say, the jury is still out on whether our attempts have gone anywhere near throwing some serious light on what’s happening and more importantly, why it’s happening. We have a few more pieces that we’re thinking about writing at some point over the next month or so.

Meanwhile, to gently ease ourselves into 2023, we present this eclectic and undoubtedly controversial selection of readings from people who, like us, are trying to understand the situation we’re in. As ever, comradely debate on what’s in this selection of readings is welcome. Trolling and abuse aren’t welcome and will be dealt with accordingly…

Of Economic Crises and Pandemics: Facebook as Fact, Government as Truth, Big Pharma as God – Colin Todhunter | OffGuardian | 29.12.22

If events since March 2020 have shown us anything, it is that fear is a powerful weapon for securing hegemony. Any government can manipulate fear about certain things while conveniently ignoring real dangers that a population faces.

Author and researcher Robert J Burrowes says:

“…if we were seriously concerned about our world, the gravest and longest-standing health crisis on the planet is the one that starves to death 100,000 people each day. No panic about that, of course.”

The dominance of self-interest and the ruling cult of evil – Paul Cudenec | Nevermore! | 28.12.22

Self-interest can, in itself, be a natural human and animal tendency, reflecting the basic need for self-preservation and survival.

But it seems to me that the problem comes with the dominance of self-interest, that is to say the pursuit of self-interest without any framing context of ethics or morality to limit its extent.

All ultra-wealthy groups, whether monarchs, aristocrats or financial oligarchs, had a starting point, when one of their ancestors split away from society as a whole to become richer and more powerful than those around them.

Reality Has Become A Tourist Attraction – Jennifer Bilek | The 11th Hour | 7.12.22

Sex is our tether to life more than anything else – it connects us to the entire ecosystem. This is why it is being attacked medically, linguistically, legally, and politically across many governments. “Transgenderism” is a corporate ad campaign for the profiteering of the techno-medical complex on par with and poised to exceed the opioid crisis. It also goes far beyond mere medical profiteering. “Gender ideology,” along with an assault of propaganda from other realms, is constructing a virtual reality, one in which we are already steeped but made more potent by breaking our last tie to the real world: Our sex.

Resisting techno-tyranny: a dialogue – Winter Oak | 2.12.22

This conversation between Paul Cudenec and the Italian group Resistenze al nanomondo was first published in the July 2022 issue of the printed journal L’urlo della Terra and has recently also been made available online, again in Italian.

1. Resistenze al nanomondo: Can you can tell us about your story, your path, when you started developing a critique of techno-scientific developments and what thinkers you learned from?

Paul Cudenec: I don’t think I could separate my critique of techno-scientific developments from the rest of my opinions and analysis. I have been an anarchist for 30 years now, but even before then, in my youth, I felt a strong instinctive aversion to high-tech consumer society.

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