Before we relocated to Keynsham, in one of our previous guises as The Thurrock and Basildon HECKLER, we had an annual tradition of making a ‘plonker of the year’ award to a local council or agency that had displayed a combination of staggering ineptitude combined with pig headed arrogance. This was how we put out the shortlist for people to comment upon and send in their suggestions for the award last year: PLONKER(S) OF THE YEAR – a provisional shortlist:) 2.11.22. This was how we announced the ‘winner’ of the award last year: Yet again, the plonker(s) of the year award goes to… 11.12.21.

Over on our sister blog – The Avon HECKLER – we’ve decided to keep on the tradition of highlighting the failings of a local council/politician/agency in a way that rips the absolute piss out of then. This is how we promoted it: Plonker(s) of the year? 2.10.22. We’ve thrown this open to residents in Bath & North East Somerset, South Gloucestershire, Bristol and North Somerset to send in their nominations. Needless to say, we would prefer to avoid nominating the bleeding obvious ones such as the outgoing mayor of Bristol, one Marvin Rees or our local MP, Jacob Rees-Mogg. It would be all too easy to go for either of these – we want to get a bit creative with this one:)

We’ve had suggestions for candidates that have absolutely nothing to do with the region covered by The Avon HECKLER. Rather than simply dismiss them, we thought, why not have a ‘plonker(s) of the year’ award for The STIRRER as well? The candidate(s) can range from local authorities, through dodgy politicians and government agencies all the way through to questionable campaigns and movements. If you read through our previous post, you may well be inspired to make your own nominations: Where the f**k do we go from here? 9.10.22. The field is wide open for The STIRRER version of the ‘plonker(s) of the year’ award:)

We live in pretty worrying and arguably, increasingly dystopian times. It’s all too easy to get sucked into a vortex of anger and despair. Sometimes you have to pull yourself back and realise that this is exactly what the bastards want – making us angry, fearful and ultimately easier to manipulate and control. The one thing power hates is people who show it absolutely no respect and instead, rip the absolute piss out of it. The same applies to some campaigns/movements/activists who appear to have completely lost touch with ordinary people. It’s in this spirit that we promote the ‘plonker(s) of the year’ award for both The Avon HECKLER and The STIRRER. Pitch in with your nominations for both and have some fun shredding the pretensions of power.