For those of you curious about why we may be freezing in the dark this winter…

The sabotage of the two Nord Stream pipelines is going to have a pretty dire impact on the energy landscape across Europe. It will impact us here in the UK as well. The impact won’t just come in the form of rising prices – we’re being warned that there will be energy outages as well. Bear in mind that gas is used to generate electricity so that’s not just the prospect of gas being cut off for periods, there’s a growing risk of the lights (and a LOT of electronics) going dark as well. Happy days…NOT!

We aren’t going to pretend that we have a watertight analysis that explains what’s going on and why. There are too many variables and unknowns that make developing such an analysis a very difficult task. We take our hats off to those who have made efforts to understand the clusterf**k we’re being plunged into. We present a selection of three such efforts below which look at the issues involved from a variety of perspectives. We invite you to read them and make up your own mind.

Suffice to say that we are being plunged further into a total clusterf**k – one that will impact each and every one of us. If anyone still thinks that those who presume to rule over us, and the corporations and other elements who they do their bidding for, have our interests at heart, the news is that they don’t. Which is why we need to keep our minds open and ask those difficult questions about what’s being done to us and why. That’s because in order to defeat our enemies, we need to understand what motivates them and how they operate.

Can Europe Afford to Turn a Blind Eye to Evidence of a US Role in Pipeline Blasts? – Jonathan Cook | Mint Press News | October 6, 2022

The sabotage of the two Nord Stream pipelines leaves Europeans certain to be much poorer and colder this winter, and was an act of international vandalism on an almost unimaginable scale. The attacks severed Russian gas supplies to Europe and caused the release of enormous quantities of methane gas, the prime offender in global warming.

This is why no one is going to take responsibility for the crime – and most likely no one will ever be found definitively culpable.

Nonetheless, the level of difficulty and sophistication in setting off blasts at three separate locations on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines overwhelmingly suggests a state actor, or actors, was behind it.

German NatGas Consumption Too High To Avoid Energy “Emergency” – Tyler Durden | ZeroHedge | October 7, 2020

Germany is entering a dark winter with too much natural gas consumption and may be unable to avoid an energy “emergency” in the months ahead, the head of the country’s network regulator warned Thursday, according to WaPo.

“Gas consumption increased by too much last week,” said Klaus Mueller, head of Germany’s network agency.

With the bombing of the Nord Stream pipeline system in the Baltic Sea and overall reduced NatGas flows from Russia amid the war in Ukraine, German households and businesses need to increase energy conservation more than ever as average temperatures across Europe’s largest economy are set to slide to near 5 degrees celsius in the second half of the month.

Nordstream Sabotage – Deeper Dive – Kit Knightly | OffGuardian | October 1, 2020

As the months go by the distraction will spike up talking points, they will progressively up the ante to trick people into remaining engaged.

They may even play the World War III card, scaring people with the shadow of a mushroom cloud, so that months down the line when we’re still here, people will be relieved to have survived the scare intact.

They’ll be poor and cold and hungry, but so happy to be alive they won’t even notice.

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