Don’t ignore people’s fears about rapid change

The election results in Italy are going to cause a lot of angst among people defining themselves as progressive: Italy election: Giorgia Meloni set to be elected as first far-right premier since World War Two. From what we can gather so far, the election result in Italy is in part, down to a reaction against rapid economic and social change being imposed upon people who feel they’re at the mercy of powerful, impersonal forces they can’t control. When these fears about rapid, imposed change are routinely dismissed by progressives and radicals without any discussion whatsoever, please don’t be surprised by the reaction of the populace when they go to the polls.

This is a piece we wrote dealing with the fear of rapid, imposed change: Reacting to change… 12.8.22. The motive for writing this piece was to warn comrades, current and former, about the dangers of not just ignoring but actively denigrating people’s fears about having no control over imposed changes which undermine their security, both material and psychological. Rather than re-hash the arguments here, we urge you to click on the link and read the piece in full. We hope that it will prompt the long overdue soul searching and facing up to harsh reality that’s needed.

PS – Anyone who thought Meloni was different and was going to break the mould needs to give their head a wobble. It’s the same old, same old with different packaging, that’s all…

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