Now we’ve been living in our new place conveniently situated between the cities of Bristol and Bath for five weeks, we can start to work out what form our activism will take from this point onwards. In this post – New pastures… 12.8.22 – we stated that the Grassroots Alternatives project will carry on and hopefully, expand. We’ll still be working with our Alternative Estuary comrades back in Essex.

The major changes will be with this blog as a consequence of the creation of a new project – The Avon Heckler.

Regular readers of this blog will have noticed that it had become a bit of a mix between scathing commentary about local issues back in the south of Essex alongside the more in depth pieces on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, transhumanism, activism and so on. That made for a bit of an uneasy mix to say the least! Having been down here for a few weeks and after familiarising ourselves with the machinations of local government down here along with the clusterf**k that passes itself off as a public transport ‘network’, we concluded that a local blog was pretty much essential.

So, we created The Avon Heckler. It’s early days on this project and given that it’s August when many people are off on holiday, it’s going to take time to build a head of steam but, we’re pretty optimistic. Obviously we’re aware of the other radical publications in the region, most notably The Bristolian so, we’ll be finding our own niche with The Avon Heckler to avoid treading on the toes of people we have a lot of respect for.

This blog will go back to the more in depth pieces we mentioned above. That means the posting frequency will drop back to one or two pieces a week. The older posts about local issues back in the south of Essex will remain for archive purposes. Reducing the posting frequency on the blog will give us more time to focus on Grassroots Alternatives and TheAvon Heckler.

As for printed papers, for the forseeable future, we’ll only be bringing out one for Grassroots Alternatives. If, and it’s a big if at the moment, we have any stalls next year, we want the focus to be on what we want to achieve with Grassroots Alternatives, hence the paper plus other leaflets which are ready to go but just need printing. As The Avon Heckler covers a wide region, a printed paper just isn’t feasible. As for The Stirrer, given that our views aren’t well received by some activists down here, a printed paper would only serve as a lead in to unwanted face to face rows!

As mentioned here, we also intend to get involved with a few hands on projects as well: A community vegetable plot in every park? 22.8.22. There’s no point in talking the talk if we’re not prepared to walk the walk.

Right, hopefully, that’s explained the changes to our project. In many ways, this is a new beginning for us and we hope that we’ve learned from the mistakes we’ve made and won’t repeat them down here. It’s onwards and upwards from this point…

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