Readings on UK involvement in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine – 22.8.22

UK involvement in this conflict is steadily increasing. This involvement ranges from Ukrainian troops being trained here in the UK through to a British army general addressing troops, stating that they need to prepare for long term deployments in countries bordering Russia. Deployments that could well mean direct engagement with Russian forces. The kind of intervention that would escalate the conflict and put us right in the firing line should Russia want to send out a signal that they do not approve of the UK’s increasing involvement.

We’re talking about the kind of escalation that really should be ringing alarm bells. For sure, the usual anti-imperialist groups are doing the best they can but their numbers are small. Also they’re hampered by those liberal elements who back in 2003, would have joined in the opposition to Blair’s war on Iraq but who now, have adopted Ukraine as a cause. As for the anarchist movement, there seems to be a strange silence on the dangers of this conflict escalating beyond control and the possibility that it could lead to WW3. It would seem there are a lot of so called radicals unwittingly acting as NATO’s ‘useful idiots’. This is why we’re posting these readings along with our commentary in a bid to jolt people into action and kickstart the anti-war movement that’s needed as a matter of urgency.

We know that we’re not going to make any friends by putting up these posts. We’ll probably make more enemies. So be it. As you can clearly tell from the meme we’ve used to illustrate this post, we really do not want to get dragged into a WW3 situation, thank you very much…

Britain’s New Top Army General Warns Troops Must Be Prepared To Fight Russia On Battlefield – RFE/RL | 19.6.22

Britain’s new top army general says Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has changed the outlook for Britain’s military, which must be capable of fighting alongside allies and ready to defeat Russia on the battlefield.

General Patrick Sanders said in a message to troops that the scale of the Russian threat “shows we’ve entered a new era of insecurity.”

The general’s statement was part of an address to all ranks and civil servants in an internal message on June 16, three days after he took command of the British Army. Reports in British media on June 19 quoted the message extensively.

How Britain fueled Ukraine’s war machine and invited direct conflict with Russia – T J Coles | The Grayzone | 12.8.22

Britain has played a key role in NATO forward troop deployments and training exercises on Russia’s borders. With war underway, the UK sends billions in arms, special forces, and volunteers to ensure escalation.

In an effort to evade his domestic woes, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson—who may soon be replaced—has spent much time toing and froing to Ukraine. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has described the buffoonish British PM as one of Ukraine’s closest allies. If and when Johnson leaves office, he is tipped for a role as Ukraine Envoy.

Ukraine: What is the British Army Training For? – Kieran Allen | Rebel | 18.8.22

As the war on Ukraine drags on, NATO is stepping up its efforts to weaken Russia. Kieran Allen takes a look at how the British Army is training thousands of Ukrainian soldiers to fight.

In a village somewhere in Kent in the southeast of England, a mock battle took place recently. As an upper-class officer barked out orders, ‘conscripts’ in camouflage fatigues raced across streets strewn with burn out cars and grenade cannisters. It looked like an exercise that the British Army undertook before sending its troops onto the streets of Belfast or Derry. And in fact, it occurred at precisely one of settings.

Except the ‘conscripts’ spoke Ukrainian. And they were taking part in a British led programme to train 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers to fight Russian forces. As the war enters a deadly phase, the Western powers are worried that up to 200 Ukrainian soldiers are dying each day. Hence the need for more training conducted by the 11th Security Force Assistance Brigade. This is a British army unit that specializes in training of foreign forces.

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