New pastures…

We’ve finally relocated to near Bristol. When some pundits say that moving home is a stressful life experience, trust us, they’re right! We apologise for the break in posting on both The Stirrer and Grassroots Alternatives blogs but, with all of the hassle we’ve had to deal with, we didn’t have the mental energy to get any serious writing done. Also, we were offline for longer than anticipated.

From this point onwards, we hope that normal blogging service will resume. Apart from a changed geographical focus, for the forseeable future, both our blogs will be carrying on pretty much as before. However, we will be putting more effort into Grassroots Alternatives as we’re now in a region where that kind of project has the potential to take off. A Heckler style blog that will be covering and commenting on local issues in the Avon region is in development…

Grassroots Alternatives will carry on and hopefully expand. It will be a joint operation with our Alternative Estuary comrades in Essex. The Alternative Estuary paper will continue to be produced and distributed across the south of Essex. A Grassroots Alternative paper will be coming out at some point in September. Apart from the masthead and the back page projects listings, it’s the same as the Alternative Estuary paper. We’ve got a few ideas on how to distribute the Grassroots Alternatives paper across the Avon region and possibly a bit beyond to places like Glastonbury. We like hands on activity so we will also be looking out for community based projects in or near the town we’ll be living in that we can get involved with.

The reason we’re moving down to near Bristol is to be closer to our family. That includes two grandkids we want to see and help develop and grow. We want to have a bit of a life away from political activity:) What we’ll be trying to do is make sure what we do with our activism is focused and delivers a result or has some kind of resonance or impact. That means reflecting on what we do and always asking if it can be done better. Anyway, it’s a new start and a bit of a adventure in some ways so hopefully, it’s onwards and upwards from this point:)

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