Transparency? Anyone?

We’ve written more posts than we care to remember about the performance and conduct of Thurrock Council. Here are just two of them as a sampler: Are they serious?! 20.5.22 and: How much lower can Thurrock Council sink FFS?! 9.2.22.

A theme that has emerged is the way Thurrock Council have evaded coming clean with the public of Thurrock and instead, on too many occasions, they have donned the cloak of secrecy. When a local news outlet such as Thurrock Nub News have pressed the council on difficult questions that the public would like answers to, they have found themselves held off at an arms length.

Thurrock Council are undoubtedly shite as a fair few people across the borough would be only too happy to tell you. It would seem that their peers in local government are also not exactly impressed with their performance: It’s official… 3.7.22. However, to think that this level of shithousery is unique to Thurrock Council is mistaken. Particularly when it comes to treating the local media with contempt.

The mayor of Bristol, one Marvin Rees, banned a couple of local democracy reporters from press briefings because they asked him some pointed questions about a flight he took in April to Vancouver to give a talk about the climate crisis. The reporters in question have subsequently found themselves uninvited to Bristol City Council press briefings.

Other local reporters felt this was unacceptable and have jointly decided to not attend these briefings until all journalists are invited with no exclusions: Bristol media urges mayor to reverse ban on local democracy reporters from briefings – The Bristol Cable | 6.7.22.

It would appear that local authorities want to pick and choose which members of the media they talk to and who they can exclude. To be blunt, they want stenographers who relay what they want to the public without question. What they don’t want are awkward buggers who insist on asking difficult questions. Ones that the public would like a straight answer to.

This goes beyond party politics. Thurrock Council are Tory, Marvin Rees is Labour. This is about people who hold power not wanting to be held to anything approaching full accountability. When local authorities refuse to be held to full accountability, it’s yet another indication that the system of local governance we have to endure is broken beyond repair.

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  1. And the ‘mighty’ Marvin said, ‘their not banned, their just not invited’, what an orwelian gobshite he has become, I remember him on my estate as a youth, not a bad kid just going through the struggle like the rest of us. Shame he joined the enemy- The power structure.

    Its labourites like Marv the (soon not to be) Mayor, that have been forcing out working class people from comnunities here, in areas like Easton, St Pauls, Bedminster, Redfield & elsewhere, while paying lip service to things like ‘diversity’ & ‘equality’, as always they are working overtime to divide, starve and force out the people they claim to ‘care’ for & represent. If it smells like bullshit it probably is. And we can smell it coming out of Marv and all the politicians mouths constantly, its hard to avoid the stench….

    Over £1000 a month rent in many cases +deposit. Thats more then many families and indivduals can afford, while they flog off social housing and coucil housing to landbarrons like Holbrook Moran and others, so homelessness increases, but even in the winter Scum like marv wont put an amnesty on squating/tresspass laws.
    They really do care alot, not!

    Alongside their mates, the new stuck up air b’n’b lot, who want to dictate to people when they’re buy houses/business in working class communities, some always moaning because they are ‘trying to run a business’ & they dont like to see our youth having fun in the summer.
    I saw one recently giving a neighbour shit because after work he left an old boiler from work on the driveway of his yard for 30 mins. As you can imagine they wernt too used to his creative use of language in response. 😊

    Labour like torys and the rest are always in bed with the speculators/gentrifiers, bankers, gangsters, and the state.

    None of them not even one of them are on the side of the disposessed & displaced.


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