49 into 35 does NOT go!!

“This was the state of the chamber – with seats for just 35 councillors. This picture has been digitally altered to remove people who were pictured but requested anonymity after leaking the image. It is, however, totally to scale.”

The image above shows the new ‘council chamber’ in the recently built (but yet to be properly finished) extension of Thurrock Council’s Civic Offices in New Road, Grays. The chamber can accommodate 35 councillors. There are in actual fact, 49 serving councillors! Also, it has been noted by the councillors who’ve actually managed to gain access to the chamber that it would struggle to accommodate the officers needed to support meetings, let alone any members of the public who want to see their council in action.

The new ‘council chamber’ has yet to be fully used. The June meeting of the full council due to take place next week will not be taking place in the chamber. Instead it will be taking place in two committee rooms. This is how the latest phase of the long running farce that’s the extension to the Civic Offices has been covered in Thurrock Nub News: Council meeting is switched again as authority continues to be tightlipped about botched civic chamber 23.6.22.

To put it bluntly, Thurrock Council are dysfunctional. So dysfunctional, they’re beyond any form of redemption. They’re not fit for purpose. Harsh? Yes but justified as they’ve screwed up (and covered up) too many times. This is not just relating to the debacle of the Civic offices but also to numerous other screw ups such as the botched and stalled ‘redevelopment’ of the railway station at Stanford-le-Hope to name just one of many. These three posts are just some of the criticisms we’ve been obliged to make of Thurrock Council this year:

How much lower can Thurrock Council sink FFS?! 9.2.22

Are they serious?! 20.4.22

Different locations but the same old shite:( 14.5.22

What really sticks in the throat is the way Thurrock Council have stayed tight lipped over this and pretty much every debacle they’ve had their hands on. Not once have they held up their hands, admitted they’ve screwed up, offered an explanation and an apology.

Thurrock Council are not fit for purpose. At a broader level, the system of local governance we have is not fit for purpose. This is because a culture has developed where ruling group councillors and the senior officer cohort think their purpose is to rule over us mere plebs – they have forgotten that they’re supposed to be our servants. At some point, these arrogant f**kers need a reminder of who’s supposed to be the boss. Residents starting to withhold their council tax payments may be the kick up the arse these councils need!

There’s a campaign afoot mobilising people to stop paying their energy bills when the next over the top price rise comes into effect this October: Don’t Pay UK 17.6.22. Isn’t it time that fed up residents did the same with their council tax bills? It would certainly concentrate minds in local authorities up and down the country!

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