Don’t Pay UK

This seems a pretty sound initiative to deal with the consequences of the cost of living crisis (just need to deal with the root causes). The post below was first published here: Don’t Pay UK.

A new mass non-payment campaign is about to kick off on June 18th. We’re facing a cost of living crisis that will literally kill people, but have yet to find any mass leverage to push through new demands to radically transform the energy sector and to sort out the mess we’ve been put in.

For the first time since the Poll Tax there is a one demand that could resonant amongst millions of people faced with the massive increases in energy that will again increase on Oct 1st.

Millions are pissed off, and millions are prepared to take action!

*Don’t Pay UK* — Are having our first launch intervention at the TUC demo 📣 on Sat June 18th in London. We’ve printed 20,000 of these leaflets that we will start handing out there.

Our website will be launching on June 18th, were you can pledge to join the mass non-payment campaign. We aim to reach 1 million by Oct 1st with the aim of collectively cancelling our direct debits (for those on credit meters) if the government does not make an intervention into this crisis and reduce our extortionate bills further. More info will be out on the website.

We want to build our channels please *share/join/subscribe/follow*:

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🔥 Twitter: @dontpayuk

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And please share WIDELY, everyone is thinking it, lets do it!

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