The priorities in question being how Thurrock Council choose to spend what to all intents and purposes, is our money. That’s money paid through council tax and also through general taxation before being fed back to the council as a government grant. The point to be made is that Thurrock Council’s spending priorities are, to put it bluntly, f**king baffling!

Here are two stories from the local media published on successive days which we’re sure you will agree, clearly demonstrate how screwed Thurrock Council’s spending priorities are. Firstly we have this: Union slams closure of children’s nurseries – local councillors say decision is a shocker and unfair on Tilbury community – Neil Speight | Thurrock Nub News | 18.5.22. In a town that arguably has more than it’s fair share of problems, the council has shut down a vital service costing jobs and worse, has failed to find a new private provider, leaving parents struggling to find alternative care.

Secondly, on the following day, there’s this: Council seeks person to drive forward £22 million Tilbury project – Neil Speight | Thurrock Nub News | 19.5.22. A role that could pay as much as £150,000 a year and per day, could pay between £500-600. Now, if you went out on the streets of Tilbury and asked pretty much anyone, regardless of who they were, it’s pretty certain that the vast majority of people would agree that the £150,000 salary would be better spent on keeping a vital service running. Seriously, it’s a no brainer!

Given Thurrock Council’s utterly dismal record of splashing out millions on consultants with little or no discernable benefit to residents of the borough, people will rightly wonder what the f**k spending up to £150,000 per year on a bullshit job is actually going to achieve. Residents will however, see the benefits of spending £150,000 per year on maintaining, and even enhancing, services vital to the community. People don’t see the results of spending on what many would regard as bullshit jobs – on the other hand, they will experience the inconvenience and pain of these services being cut.

Yet again, this is another illustration of how out of touch local councils are with the residents they’re supposed to be serving. Supposed to be serving, in an ideal world that is. We live in a far from ideal world. We live in one where instead of doing the right thing for their residents, local councils spend too much time (and money) sucking up to the developers. As we have said many times over the years, the system of local governance where this kind of bullshit can be foisted upon us is totally unfit for purpose. At some point, something is going to snap. That’s when things will get interesting…