If we’re going to commit political ‘suicide’, let’s do the job properly!

Below are two very sound readings. Each in their own way tell it like it is. Neither of them take any prisoners. We can imagine a number of our now former comrades not taking too kindly to them. It wouldn’t surprise us if a few more people add themselves to the list of our former comrades after reading them. So be it – we’d rather be on what we see as the right side of history than pretending to have any degree of affinity with people we increasingly cannot see eye to eye with. Anyway, enjoy the readings (if you can) and if you’re up for a civilised, comradely discussion about them, we’ll be happy to engage:)

The Road to Fascism: For a Critique of the Global Biosecurity State (6. From Kitsch to Woke: The Aesthetics of Totalitarianism) – Architects For Social Housing | May 10, 2022

“The universal compliance of every media, sporting, cultural and artistic institution in the West with the vilification of everything Russian, and the virtue signalling of compliance through the display of Ukrainian flags, is a demonstration and continuation of the unprecedented political consensus created by the global biosecurity state over the past two years. Quite apart from the political naivety of participating in such public displays, none of these cultural spectacles would look out of place in a fascist state. None of them do look out of place according to the fascist aesthetics of the UK biosecurity state. If we weren’t certain already, the farcical willingness with which the UK population has responded to the Government’s suggestion to either take up arms against Russia or open their homes to Ukrainian refugees shows just how susceptible the population is to state propaganda. Indeed, we are reaching such a state of compliance — a genuinely fascist state of citizenship — that there is almost nothing that, as a nation, we won’t believe, obey or do.”

The Rise of the New Normal Reich – CJ Hopkins | Consent Factory, Inc. | May 9, 2022

I told you this part wasn’t going to be pretty. I didn’t think it would get to the point where the Wall Street Journal would go full Buck Turgidson and call on the United States to “show it can win a nuclear war,” but I wasn’t entirely off the mark either. Back in January (i.e., a million years ago), in The Last Days of the Covidian Cult, I wrote:

” … we are getting dangerously close to the point where GloboCap will need to go full-blown fascist if they want to finish what they started. If that happens, things are going to get very ugly. I know, things are already ugly, but I’m talking a whole different kind of ugly. Think Jonestown, or Hitler’s final days in the bunker, or the last few months of the Manson Family.”

For the record, this was a piece we put up explaining why we could no longer feel a part of the anarchist movement here in the UK: Out, onwards and upwards 22.3.22. It’s not all doom and gloom though, we’ve found new people to work with, albeit they’re scattered across the globe. Here they are: Uniting the Last Real Anarchists – Nevermore | March 22, 2022. Now, we’re free to read and think critically and…we don’t have to worry about the consequences. As we’ve mentioned previously, as most of the political damage to us has already happened, there’s pretty much nothing else left to lose but…there’s a lot to gain:)

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