Analogue methods of getting the word out

Back in March, we put up this post about pivoting back towards analogue methods of reaching out to people: Moving back towards analogue ways of getting the message across 25.3.22. In that post we featured a number of ways this could be done ranging from papers and flyers through to posters and stickers.

With the papers and flyers, you need a decent range of distribution opportunities. Over the last year, we’ve handed out a lot of papers on the anti-lockdown protests – here they are: Papers. As for stalls at events, there have been fewer opportunities than normal because of Covid restrictions putting a dampener on the number of events that could be put on. Also, given our somewhat stressed relationship with elements of the anarchist movement, there’s pretty much zero chance of our having a stall at an anarchist event for the foreseeable future!

Despite all of this, there’s still the posters and stickers… We were down in Bristol over the weekend of 23/24.4 for a family visit. With three spare evenings, we made sure we used them constructively by undertaking some targeted stickering across the city centre – as you can see from the image above:) We took a range of stickers down with us. The one on the left is intended to prompt people into thinking about the threat of transhumanism on what it means to be human. The one in the middle is a blatant plug for our comrades at Nevermore. The one on the right is directed at elements of the ‘Stand With Ukraine’ brigade who are calling for more direct, armed intervention from the West. The aim of the sticker being to shock them into thinking about the possible dire consequences if they get their wish.

Suffice to say, on the trips between where we were staying and the pub (and back again!), we got a decent number of stickers up. Most in areas of the city that during the day, get pretty busy. Looking at the viewing figures for this blog and taking into account the number of followers we have on our social media accounts, given that the stickers should remain up for three to four days, they’ll likely be getting seen by a lot more eyeballs than our posts. More stickering and postering is in the pipeline although we hope you’ll understand why we can’t reveal locations prior to getting it done.

To conclude, in the digital age, there still is and always will be a place for analogue methods of getting the word out…

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