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Any resident of Thurrock will not need us to tell them how incompetent the council are because their screw ups impact our lives pretty much every sodding day. As the two of us behind this blog currently live in Stanford-le-Hope, we’ve had to put up with the consequences of many of the buildings at our local railway station being demolished way back in 2019 without adequately worked out and costed plans for a replacement that was supposed to be part of a complete redevelopment. On top of this, issues with the A13 widening project have resulted in way more weekend closures than we were initially warned about by the contractor Kier, resulting in heavy traffic trundling through Stanford-le-Hope. These are just two examples of how people have been screwed over by an arrogant and out of touch Thurrock Council.

In Grays, the Civic Offices were extended, obliterating a number of small businesses in the process. The extension included a brand new, ‘state of the art’ council chamber with 35 seats equipped with everything a councillor needs for the efficient conduct of a meeting. Thurrock Council has 49 councillors! Quite how this escaped the attention of the senior officers who were supposed to be overseeing this project is anyone’s guess!

The litany of piss poor oversight of projects, screw ups and contempt for the local media who are simply doing their job in calling Thurrock Council to account continues. All overseen by the Chief Executive Officer, one Lyn Carpenter. Who, it transpires is one of three people nominated for ‘Public Sector Pioneer of the Year’. As to precisely what Carpenter is a ‘pioneer’ of, we’ll leave that to the good people of Thurrock to decide!

Anyway, this is what Thurrock Nub News had to say about Carpenter’s nomination:

DESPITE a litany of highly publicised failures including the £40 million overspend on the A13 widening project, the £30 million pound budget-busting Stanford rail station project, a borrowing deficit of more than a billion pounds, highly contentious links with controversial property investment figures, a hugely flawed civic offices extension project and leading a long-running blitz on the freedom of the press and democracy, Thurrock Council’s chief executive Lyn Carpenter has been shortlisted for a top public service award as one of three nominees for ‘Public Sector Pioneer of the Year’.

You can read the rest of this article here – Thurrock Council’s CEO is nominated for top honour at showcase event as ‘Pioneer of the Year’.

If this doesn’t show utter contempt for the hard pressed residents of Thurrock, we don’t know what does. This nomination is to put it bluntly, taking the piss. People in Thurrock do not like having the piss taken out of them. There’s a limit to how far people can be pushed and that’s getting closer. If residents conclude that the only way they have of expressing their displeasure is withholding their council tax payments, it will only be what Thurrock Council richly deserve.

Regular readers of this blog may well be aware that the two of us behind this project are hoping to have relocated to just outside Bristol at some point in the summer. If you think that we’re going to be escaping the arrogance and fuckwittery of local governance, think again! This piece from the ‘smiters of the high and mighty’ a.k.a. The Bristolian shows that we’ll merely be exchanging the shitshow that’s Thurrock Council for the one that’s the West of England Combined Authority: WECXIT. Complete with a CEO who seems to be following the same playbook that Carpenter is judging by this quote from the article:

This leaves weirdo WECA Chief Exec, Patricia “Psycho” Greer, to further consolidate the uninterrupted power and influence she enjoys over the Metro Mayor position. Greer – whose corporate culture is “like something out of a Hieronymous Bosch painting” – is well known for denying officers any access to the mayor. Insisting that everything goes through her instead. A situation former mayor, Tory Tim Bowels, and now the WECA Man seem comfortable with.

Same shite, different location! Still, The Bristolian are there to do the heavy lifting on exposing the devious machinations of local governance so we will be far from alone:)