Does globalism have a future? (Spoiler: NO!!)

This is not an exhaustive piece…it’s a snapshot in time. Trying to produce exhaustive pieces that stand the test of time in these turbulent times is a difficult task and as things stand at the moment, not something we want to spend too much time and energy on. What this short piece is intended to do is throw out a few questions and ideas in a bid to generate an informed discussion about the kind of world we’re living in. It’s not discussion for the sake of it. It’s discussion aimed at informing the strategy and tactics we need as we move ever further into a Clusterf**k time…

The kickbacks against globalism are coming in a variety of ways. These range from the anti-lockdown/anti-vaccine passport protests, growing unrest in the face of austerity through to election results favouring populists and nationalists over globalist technocrats. Election results that will prompt fits of outrage in globalists and liberals. They can splutter all they like… What the splutterers have to learn is that when you leave a massive political vacuum and deride the concerns and fears of ordinary people who’ve had enough of being buffeted by forces they can’t control, there will be a reaction.

When you’re complicit in creating a political vacuum because you don’t care about people fed up to the back teeth about impersonal, top down forces making their lives a misery, please don’t start clutching your pearls when trends on the street and at the ballot box don’t go your way. Let’s have a brief look at the French presidential election. The choice in the second round of voting is between Macron and Le Pen. That’s a pretty shite choice and it will be interesting to see what the turnout will be for this round. We’re estimating that at least 30% of the French electorate will chose to not cast a vote for either candidate.

You only have to look at how Macron has run France during the Covid crisis to see that he fulfils many of the criteria of being an actual fascist – one being the merging of state and corporate power. State power that was and continues to be brutally exercised against anyone with the temerity to object to the top down screwing over of their lives, supposedly in the name of ‘containing Covid’.

Le Pen is a social ultra-conservative nationalist with a populist streak. As much as you may hate what she thinks and says, she doesn’t fulfil the definition of what an actual fascist is. She has clearly seen the growing discontent of many French people at the way Macron has screwed them over the last two years with his draconian Covid measures. She has also sensed people’s desire for stability and a sense of community in a rapidly changing world. She saw that political vacuum and filled it. Which is a f**k sight more than the Left who engage in electoral politics have ever done. Basically, they’re reaping what they sow and they’ll have to deal with it!

Will Le Pen get in? As distasteful as this may be for some current and a lot of former comrades, she’s in with a reasonable chance of getting more votes than Macron in the second round. If by some fluke, Le Pen actually managed to get hold of the levers of power in France, it would cause tensions with the European Union. With just that alone, there’s no way that Le Pen will be allowed to win, even if she gets more votes than Macron – expect some underhand manipulation to take place should that happen. So, when Macron gets his second term, expect things to start getting really messy on the streets of France. Also expect the usual suspects to denounce everyone coming out on the streets of France as ‘fascists’.

What about the conflict between Russia and the Western backed Ukraine? It’s certainly a major crisis. This is what has been said about the ‘opportunities’ provided by a crisis:

You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.

Rahm Emanuel

(Source: BrainyQuote)

On the one hand, it’s becoming clearer that the desire of the USA to be the dominant global power is under threat: Russia Urges BRICS Nations To Create Own ‘SWIFT’ System, Warns ‘Sanctions Are Destroying International Order’ – ZeroHedge | April 10, 2022. On the other hand, it’s clear that a variety of actors are doing what they can to leverage the crisis in a way that will bring about the great reset: 10 Signs The War In Ukraine Is Part Of The Great Reset – Tyler Durden | ZeroHedge | March 15, 2022. Suffice to say, there’s a lot at stake…

The question that a growing number of us are asking is this – are the globalist bastards getting their way? The short answer is no. The longer answer is that it’s complicated, messy and contradictory. There are many indications that people are rejecting the globalist, technocratic agenda and are looking for something more connected to the communities and regions they live in, know and quite often, love. Over the decades we’ve been activists, one thing we have noticed is that rapid change imposed on people from above will always generate a reaction from people at the grassroots. People understandably want to feel that they’re in control of their lives. That’s not just in their lives as individuals, but also as family members, residents in a community, workers in the workplace and students in education. There’s nothing worse than feeling you’re at the mercy of forces you can’t control and that you’re going to spend your whole life being buffeted about by actors and elites who have zero interest in your welfare.

From our experience as activists over the decades, sadly it’s become all too clear to us that by and large, the liberal Left have no answers for those near the bottom of the pecking order who feel they have no control over their lives. Which means that the liberal Left has and continues to create a political vacuum. One attempted pushback against this I’ve seen and was actively involved with for seven years back in the 2000s was the Independent Working Class Association (IWCA). Sadly the operational model we had was intensive, took its toll on a fair number of activists and ultimately, it was unsustainable. What the IWCA tried their level best to do was to fill that political vacuum by actually listening to the concerns of working class people. A vacuum that the traditional far right such as the British National Party and the ‘church and king mob’ types such as the English Defence League were also attempting to fill. One that various elements of what has been dubbed the ‘alt right’ are now trying to fill.

The more the globalists feel their project is threatened from below, particularly that of implementing the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), the more they’ll dig in with rigging elections and general repression. They’re also digging in with a massive propaganda blitz. The way the protests against vaccine mandates by Canadian truckers and their supporters were vilified earlier on this year is clear evidence of how the the issues that prompted the protest get dismissed and instead, the focus is on the dodgy elements who will inevitably latch onto the fringes. The same happened with the anti-lockdown protests here in the UK throughout 2021. A vilification that was undertaken with the willing assistance of too many so called ‘radicals’ who refused to look at why there was a rising tide of discontent.

Will the Left ever get back on board with anti-globalism? Will we see a return of the mass protests against the gathering of the global elites that we saw in in the 2000s? We’d love the answer to be yes but realistically, it’s never going to happen. The Left have not just been thoroughly compromised – many of them have been co-opted into pushing globalist projects such as the 4IR.

As for what passes for an anarchist movement here in the UK, let’s just say that it’s complicated… There are some working very hard at the grassroots on mutual aid projects that build a sense of community and enable people to start taking control over their lives. They’re doing a fantastic job, even if we might not agree with all of their perspectives. Then there are other elements in anarchism who seem to have swallowed the same kind of Kool Aid that much of the Left has.

Real resistance to globalism won’t come via the ballot box. It will come from below. It will come from our communities. It will also come on the streets. It won’t come from what used to be seen as the ‘usual suspects’ because most of them have been compromised and co-opted. It will in part come from the free thinkers and real rebels: Growing the new resistance! – Winter Oak | March 18, 2022. It’s already started. Globalism is entering its end phase. What replaces it is down to us at the grassroots…

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  1. Thank you for what you have written.

    Believe it or not, all the issues emanate out of Germany which fostered Nazism/Marxism/communism. Germany runs the EU of course with a budget surplus.

    Germany has been a slight problem over the years. But then the world elites are another matter, although Klaus Schwab is German and George Soros is Germanic. Both are manic of course, but Germany has always been bipolar or schizophrenic.

    I seek to maintain my Independence from the MSM rubbish and those behind it.


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