‘Deep dive’ readings on the Russia / Ukraine conflict (updated 6.4.22)

Below are three readings from the same writer that aim to provide a comprehensive as possible analysis of what has led up to the ongoing conflict between Russia and the Ukraine. We thought it was about time we presented a group of readings that work as a whole and will hopefully leave you, the reader, with a better understanding of where we are in what is a messy and complex situation. Many thanks to Iain Davis for the time and effort that has been put into producing this analysis.

We don’t for one minute expect everyone reading this blog to agree with what the three articles below have to say. We’re only too well aware of the strength of feeling about this conflict on all sides and none. What we’re trying to encourage people to do is take a few steps back and think about all of the factors that have led to the current situation being what it is. Given what’s at stake if things should escalate out of control, now is the time for cool heads and rational thinking.

Ukraine War! What Is It Good For? Propaganda – Part 4 – Iain Davis | In This Together | 6.4.22

Russia’s “special military operation” in Ukraine has been presented to us, in the West, as unprovoked and unjustified. We have not been told about Russia’s legitimate security concerns in the face of NATO expansionism. Nor has Ukraine’s significant Nazi problem been honestly reported, with some Western propagandist even promoting them.

The Russian government claims that its recognition and defence of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR) are born from “compassion” for the people who have been under siege for eight years. However, Russia also needs the new republics as satellite states, providing a foothold for its own national security as it opposes NATO’s advance.

Ukraine War! What is it Good For? – Part 3 – The Nazi Agenda – Iain Davis | In This Together | 19.3.22

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is technically illegal under international law. In Part 2 we discussed why international law means virtually nothing: it does not apply equally to all states and is therefore no law at all. We also talked about why Russia also had legitimate security concerns and yet the United Nations did nothing to alleviate them.

Russia’s position in the global and specifically the European energy market gave it the leverage it is using to counter NATO expansionism. This is contrary to US interests, since the European Union could potentially threaten US dominance of the NATO alliance. Ukraine, as the main transit hub for Russian gas supplies to Europe, was a choke point.

Ukraine War! What Is It Good For? The Nationalist Agenda (Part 2) – Iain Davis | In This Together | 19.3.22

Russia’s “special military operation” in Ukraine has been reported by the Western establishment and its mainstream media (MSM) as an unprovoked act of naked aggression. Writing in The New York Times the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“Never in my life have I seen an international crisis where the dividing line between right and wrong has been so stark.”

This story has been presented to us in order to maintain our trust in the institutions of our government. The Russian people have been given a different story, but for the same reason.

As discussed in Part 1, what we are told about the social, political and ethnic tensions in Ukraine by the Western hegemony isn’t accurate. This article will explore the wider geopolitical context within which Russia’s military action military action can be at least understood, even if we regard then as illegitimate.

Ukraine War! What Is It Good For? The Historical Background (Part 1) – Iain Davis | In This Together | 7.3.22

Russia has launched a military campaign inside Ukraine. This has been called an invasion by Western mainstream media (MSM), by the politicians loyal to the transatlantic alliance, and by the EU and NATO.

Currently it appears there have been clashes in Eastern Ukraine, around Kharkiv in the north and Odessa in the south. However, it isn’t clear that the fighting is anywhere near as extensive as is being reported by the Western MSM.

Russia has certainly targeted air bases and military infrastructure with air strikes. At this stage, Russia’s intentions appear to be reasonably straightforward. Russia has reiterated that it has no plans to occupy Ukraine.

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