Why is our flag black?

This was originally published as a post on the D.I.Y. Culture Facebook page. Given the amount of what some have termed as nationalist ‘flag shagging’ going on at the moment, we think it’s timely to share this brief post and the video and reading it links to.

Against the cheap chicaneries of governments.

“Why is our flag black? Black is a shade of negation. The black flag is the negation of all flags. It is a negation of nationhood which puts the human race against itself and denies the unity of all humankind. Black is a mood of anger and outrage at all the hideous crimes against humanity perpetrated in the name of allegiance to one state or another. It is anger and outrage at the insult to human intelligence implied in the pretenses, hypocrisies, and cheap chicaneries of governments.”

In the winter 1884, the black flag appears in it’s first known display in America at an anarchist demonstration in Chicago.

According to historian George Woodcock, the earliest instance found of anarchists using a black flag is by Louise Michel, who flew it in Paris on March 9, 1883 during a militant demonstration of the unemployed.


Why Anarchists Fly The Black/Red Flag – Back to Ancient Rome?? By Aaron at RE-EDUCATION. 16mins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7DVakGsmcE

Anarchism and the History of the Black Flag: http://www.spunk.org/library/intro/sp001492/blackflg.html


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