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This is a piece about the weird, tumultuous times we live in that was put up at the start of the month – Dealing with reality… – 2.2.22. The more we look around and talk to people who know what the score is, the more we realise we’re not alone in realising that we have to deal with how discontent manifests itself as it actually is, because it will never come with perfectly formed politics. It’s in this spirit that we present the following:

As for the belief that there is a kind of revolution that comes draped in purity, or that it is by multiplying moralistic anathemas, political prophylactic measures, and cultural snobbery that one defeats counter-revolutions — we leave all this to the imperial left.

Communiqué N° 0 – The Invisible Committee | February 8th, 2022

The Invisible Committee was originally a workers’ conspiracy in Lyon during the 1830s. In his Arcades Project, Walter Benjamin writes, “The Invisible Committee — name of a secret society in Lyon.” In the conclusion of the La Fabrique edition of Theory of Bloom, released in February of 2000, one reads, “The Invisible Committee: an overtly secret society / a public conspiracy / an agency of anonymous subjectivation, whose name is everywhere and headquarters nowhere / the revolutionary-experimental polarity of the Imaginary Party.” The back cover of the same book was even more politically explicit: it defined the Invisible Committee as an “anonymous conspiracy that, from sabotage to uprising, eventually liquidates commodity domination during the first quarter of the twenty-first century.” By “Imaginary Party” we understood, and still understand, the whole ensemble of those who find themselves in conflict — whether in open or latent war, in secession or in simple disaffection — with the technological and anthropological unification of this world under the sign of the commodity. To this process of unification by which the planet is constituted as a “continuous biopolitical fabric” we assigned the indifferent name “Empire” or “world of the authoritarian commodity.” In 2022, the obviousness of such notions, or at least of the intuitions to which they attest, can be ignored only at one’s own expense.

You can read the rest of this piece here.

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