This is a recent blog post where we were bemoaning the attitude of Thurrock Council regarding transparency and accountability towards the residents they’re supposed to be serving: How much lower can Thurrock Council sink FFS?! – 9.2. The residents who through their taxes, pay the allowances and salaries of the ruling group councillors and the officers at the council. Let’s just say that the council’s attitude regarding transparency and accountability is lamentable!

The culture at Thurrock Council is rotten to the core. This is just one example of how utterly rotten it is: The sorry saga of Stanford-le-Hope railway station continues… – 9.2. When staff and users of the station can’t even get a coherent explanation let alone an apology as to why, as part of the supposed ‘redevelopment’ of the station, many of the existing station buildings were demolished without properly worked out and costed plans being in place, we’re in a bad place. This is just one of many instances of where the council have screwed up and instead of being open and honest with their residents, they go to great lengths to keep the truth hidden from us.

The Chief Executive Officer of Thurrock Council is Lyn Carpenter. While the buck for council screw ups should in theory stop with the ruling group councillors, because they cannot exert the oversight over senior officers that’s needed, the buck really stops with Carpenter. Given the utter shambles the council has become, you would think that Carpenter would be preoccupied with trying to right the ship. It turns out that being the CEO of the council is far from being her only role, as reported here in Thurrock Nub News: Whistleblowing role for Thurrock Council CEO as she wins another side job to her portfolio of interests. This report is definitely worth reading in full but may not be advisable if you have high blood pressure…

Carpenter has found yet another role with the College of Policing. Part of her role is to show the ‘right level of accountability and transparency to win the confidence of the public, police services, policing partners and Parliament’. The job specification adds: “As a holder of a public office in the College of Policing, Board members are expected to follow the College’s Code of Ethics – A Code of Practice for the Principles and Standards of Professional Behaviour for the Policing Profession of England and Wales. The Code includes the Seven Principles of Public Life, as set out by the Nolan Committee on Standards in Public Life, and members are expected to observe the highest standards of propriety involving impartiality, integrity and objectivity.”

‘Accountability’ and ‘transparency’. Given Carpenter’s attitude towards any local journalist who has the temerity to hold Thurrock Council to account, many residents could be forgiven for questioning whether Carpenter has any understanding of what those words actually mean, let alone being able to explain them to students at the College of Policing. Mind you, if what the cops really want are tips and tricks on evasiveness and cover ups, then Carpenter could well be the perfect candidate… Seriously, you couldn’t make this up if you tried!